Ultimate Cook Lovers Gift Guide

"...we're gonna have the hap, hap, happiest Christmas since Bing Crosby tap-danced with Danny fucking Kaye, " YEP! it's THAT time of year again! And not only am I in a great mood because it's Christmas time but more so because my Georgia BULLDAWGS won the SEC Championship last night! Whoo hoo! Ok, just had to get that out.

I know I said Thanksgiving was my favorite holiday, which it is, however, this is the first Christmas season with us having a child and I know he is just a few weeks shy of one year old and it's only December 3rd but it has already been so much fun with him! He just loves looking at all the Christmas decorations, listening to the music, and his favorite so far are my snow-globes! He is just fascinated by them and it's the cutest thing ever. But on to the topic of this post!

I love giving gifts and would often times prefer to give them than to receive. I compiled a list of gifts that are perfect for the cook in your life. These are all items I have and use all the time. Like, literally use at least multiple times a week if not every day. They range in price from less than $20 to several hundred, so there's something for every budget!


1. It's no secret that i just LOVE my le crueset, so it was a MUST for this list! I use this pot so often, especially during the cold months, so gifting this to someone at Christmas time is perfect; they will get a tremendous amount of use out of it. It is sturdy, it holds a lot or a little if you go with a smaller version, cleans well and cooks evenly. It is also transferable from stove to oven. When I got mine I don't recall them having the option for grey so I went with this really pretty light blue. I think it's so attractive and I leave it out on my stove top at all times as a little pop of color in my grey and white kitchen.

2. Another piece of kitchen equipment I use quite often is my Cuisinart Food Processor. I honestly don't know what I ever did before having this! I freakin love this thing. I've made soups, sauces, shredded cheese and vegetables, you name it! I am a pretty huge proponent of buying block cheese and grating it myself, not only because it's cheaper but because pre-shredded cheese is just not as good, and this baby will shred a whole block in a matter of seconds! It comes with it's regular blade that is for emulsifying and two others for shredding.

3. Next up is an item I really didn't think I would get too much use out of simply because I always associated it with baking, but I've used it for other dishes as well...the Kitchen Aid stand mixer. While I have used it a lot lately for baking because of baked good request for work, I have made loads of mashed potatoes in this sucker too. It comes with a whisk attachment as well as a paddle and hook-which is great for making homemade dough!

4. Cutting Boards!! A cook can never have too many cutting boards. Mine may not be those pretty ones with white marble or gold but that's because I actually use them; they are not just out for looks. I have one that I love the most because it was made by a dear family friend who is more like my second family. It was meticulously crafted with love just for me and I really do cherish it. I'm unsure of the brand of my largest board but you can find a similar one here.

5. Can we please just talk about how annoying it is to have a shitty knife? SO annoying. I can get by with a lot of items that are sub par but a shitty knife is just a not one of them. If I had hundreds of dollars to spend on an amazing knife believe me I would but I don't. And honestly for doing what i do on a day-to-day basis, I don't need a knife of that caliber. Which is why I really love these super fun, great quality ones from Cuisinart. Despite they're incredibly affordable price, they are good knifes perfect for the every day cook.

6. This little gadget is one I really get a lot of use out of and is a go-to when I need a little cheese grated on the top of my pasta, garlic for sauce or a burst of citrus in a dish.

7. Salt and pepper are essential in my cooking so it only makes sense to not only have them in functional homes but ones that are attractive as well as convenient. I found this salt keeper and pepper grinder at Sur la Table and just love them. The grey and white marble match my back splash perfectly and the white grinder is just clean and classic. **The pepper grinder is no longer at Sur la Table but I linked the exact one via another source.

8. I'm not one to use kitchen towels as rags to wipe down and clean with but I do use them profusely for hand and dish drying. And I of course have decorative ones. My favorite every day ones though are these from Williams-Sonoma. They are extremely durable, absorbent, simple and the best part is you can get a 4-pack for around $20! I have the classic logo towels, in light grey of course;) My mom has used them for as long as I can remember and I know why!

9. These last two are not in the main picture because I am in the process of reordering both due to that fact that I left one on a girls trip and broke the other on said girls trip...oops! But they are two essential gadgets for the coffee lovers such as myself. The french press I previously had was great but I ended up not being a huge fan of the glass because it didn't seem to keep the coffee hot enough; I like my coffee borderline tongue burning, so this go around I'm opting for this one! And re-ordered the frother because I LOVE my bullet proof coffee and it makes it a breeze to make.

Welp, that's the end of my ultimate gift guide for the cook in your life! What are your favorite kitchen gadgets and tools?


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