Maharaja Curry Salmon

Ok, so I'm finally getting around to posting this recipe! School starts back in two weeks, how the hell is that even possible? therefore I've been busy getting my classroom in order as well as getting some major cleaning projects done at home. Anyway, this recipe really is quite simple; it just requires some specific ingredients that there really are no substitutions for, like saffron. I was super excited to have been asked to be a sponsor for this incredible spice company, Seasonality Spices out of Brooklyn because I love using all kinds of spices in my cooking and I especially love trying something new. This maharaja curry is great for those who have cooked with/eaten curry before or for those wanting to try it.

During the summer months I prefer to eat really light and use fresh ingredients that are in season. When I was thinking of how to use the curry I didn't want to necessarily make a full blown Indian dish because in order for it to be truly authentic, I'd need several other specialty ingredients that I don't have or didn't want to wait to get. One of my favorite things about cooking is fusing cuisines, so this didn't take much thought. Risotto is very versatile and adding the fresh summer corn gives it a little something extra while adding texture, plus my husband is a risotto junkie! Yogurt is a traditional ingredient in Indian cooking and I had no doubt how I was going to use it here. I added the curry throughout the entire dish, from the broth for the risotto to the yogurt sauce, and it was absolutely delicious! Adding a bit of the curry to every component wasn't overpowering but a great way to make the dish cohesive while making sure you knew it was there.


This recipe may seem complicated but honestly it's not...for real, I wouldn't say that if I didn't think anyone could make it. The risotto is time consuming but that's par for the course and always worth it. And if you're not into it, you could always substitute it for rice, but nah.


Salmon filets

Maharaja Curry

Siggis Plain drinkable yogurt

Siggis plain 0% yogurt

Lime juice

Corn off the cob


Vegetable stock


1 large garlic clove

1/2 yellow onion

Olive oil



1/2 cup drinkable yogurt

1-2 tbsp 0% yogurt

Juice of one lime

1/2 tbsp curry

Salt and pepper

Mix together and refrigerate


  1. Prep by cutting the corn off the cob...I used two ears, dicing your onion and garlic and making your yogurt sauce.

  2. Add a drizzle of olive oil and a pat of butter to a large pan. Heat on med, add corn, onion, garlic and one tsp of curry, cook for a few minutes. Remove and save for later.

  3. In that same pan, add more olive oil and one cup of risotto. Continue to cook as directed. Add the corn, onion mixture towards the end along with a few pinches of saffron and stir. Turn off heat and add a lid.

  4. Season salmon with salt, pepper, and curry. (A light dusting of curry on each side is fine)

  5. Heat a grille pan to med-high and spray with olive oil. Cook salmon on each side for about five minutes.

  6. If you need to heat up your risotto a little do so by turning your burner on low and stir for several minutes.

  7. Add the risotto to a plate or large shallow bowl first, then the salmon and top with yogurt sauce and lime zest if desired.

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